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Nirvana Stevia Liquid Concentrate Organic 50ml

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Nirvana Health Products

Nirvana Stevia Liquid Concentrate Organic 50ml

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Zero Calories, Zero Carbs

A perfect all-natural alternative to sugar and artificial sweeteners


• Perfect all-natural alternative to sugar and artificial sweeteners
• Superior tasting, highest quality
• Much sweeter than sugar
• 1 tsp power = sweetness of 1 cup of sugar
• No known side effects
• Organically grown and processed from Stevia Rebaudiana Bertoni plant
• Great for weight management and blood sugar levels
• Available in tablets, liquid concentrates and powdered extracts


Nirvana Stevia products use a healthy, non-caloric, naturally sweet herb extract from the leaf of Stevia rebaudiana Bertoni. Highest quality and superior tasting as it is grown organically in its native land South America and has been extracted without the use of chemicals. The leaves of the Stevia plant have been used for centuries in Brazil and Paraguay, both for health benefits and to sweeten food and beverages.


Q Where does Nirvana Stevia™ come from?

A Nirvana Stevia™ is extracted from the Stevia rebaudiana Bertoni plant. The leaves of the stevia plant have been used for centuries in Brazil and Paraguay to sweeten food and drink. Stevia has been embraced as a sugar substitute and food additive in many countries around the world. Stevia is sold in Australia, New Zealand and USA as a dietary supplement.

Q Does Nirvana Stevia™ contain any additives?

A No. There are no additives. Nirvana Stevia™ has no calories, no sugar, no artificial sweeteners, no fat, no wheat, no yeast, no soy, no milk derivatives, no artificial flavours, no artifi cial colourings and no toxic chemicals.

Q Does Nirvana Stevia™ taste good?

A Yes. Most people love the taste of good quality stevia. And high quality organic stevia, like that used in Nirvana Stevia™, does NOT have the grassy or slightly bitter after taste that has been reported in other stevia products.

Q How much Nirvana Stevia™ should I use?

A In its natural extract form, stevia is many times sweeter than sugar – so you need far less to reach your desired taste of sweetness. To help you use the correct amount, Nirvana Stevia™ is available in tablets, liquid and powder (including a handy measured scoop), so you don’t have to worry about using too much. Also in convenient pocket size - tablets, liquid and powder – easy for busy people on the go.

Q Is Nirvana Stevia™ suitable for people who need to monitor and manage blood sugar levels?

A Yes. Unlike sugar, stevia does not trigger a rise in blood sugar levels. You do not get a sudden burst of energy followed by fatigue and the subsequent need for another “fix”. Studies suggest that stevia has a regulatory effect on the pancreas and could help stabilize blood sugar levels in the body. If in any doubt please consult your doctor

Q Can Nirvana Stevia™ replace sugar in the diet?

A Yes. Refined sugar is virtually devoid of nutritional benefi ts and at best, represents empty calories in the diet. At worst, sugar has been implicated in some degenerative disease. For example, the dramatic increase in the incidence of excess body fat in adults and children.

Q Can Nirvana Stevia™ be used in cooking and baking?

A Yes. Stevia has been used in cooking in South America for centuries. Whilst stevia has grown in popularity in many countries around the world, it is Japan that represents an interesting example. Artificial sweeteners, such as aspartame, have been banned in Japan for over 30 years. Natural stevia is used in over 30% of the country’s food products.


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