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Nirvana 100% Xylitol Shaker Pack 200g

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Nirvana Health Products

Nirvana 100% Xylitol Shaker Pack 200g

RRP: $8.70
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A naturally sweet alternative to sugar and artificial sweetners that’s good for you.

• Perfect all-natural alternative to sugar and artificial sweeteners
• Premium Grade 100% Xylitol
• Low glyaemic index of only 7
• 40% less calories than sugar
• Great to manage sweet cravings and blood sugar levels
• Delicious and refreshing taste
• Derived from non-GMO corn cob
• Use just like sugar

Xylitol (pronounced zyl-it-ol) is a remarkable, natural substance that has many beneficial qualities, and tastes just like sugar. It even looks like sugar. Xylitol allows you to indulge your ‘sweet tooth’ in any way you like, knowing the taste is doing you good.

Q Where does Nirvana Xylitol™ come from?

A Xylitol [pronounced zy-li-tol] is a substance that occurs naturally in fi brous fruits and vegetables such as plums, strawberries, corncobs and mushrooms. It is also found in some hardwood trees including Birch. Unlike some other xylitol products which are made from felled birch trees, Nirvana Xylitol™ is made from non-GMO, non-allergenic corn cob (core), an environmentally sustainable source of the natural ingredients.

Q Does Nirvana Xylitol™ contain any additives?

A No. There are no additives. Nirvana Xylitol™ has no sugars, no artifi cial sweeteners, has 40% less calories than sugar, no fat, no protein, no artifi cial fl avours, no artifi cial colourings and no preservatives. AND it has a low GI of just 7.

Q Does Nirvana Xylitol™ taste good?

A Yes. Nirvana Xylitol™ has a delicious, refreshing taste. Children love the natural sweet taste too – not like some artifi cial sweeteners. Nirvana Xylitol™ tastes good and is good for you too.

Q Is Nirvana Xylitol™ safe for all my family?

A Yes. Xylitol is a not a drug, nor is it habit forming. It is approved for use in Australia by the FSANZ [Food Standard Australia & New Zealand]. In 1983 JECFA [Joint Expert Committee on Food Additives] and FAO [Food and Agriculture Organization] a sub committee of the WHO [World Health Organization], confi rmed that Xylitol is a safe sweetener for foods.

Q Is Nirvana Xylitol™ suitable for people who need to monitor and manage blood sugar levels?

A Yes. Xylitol is metabolised independently of insulin and should be considered a low glycaemic ingredient. Following ingestion of Xylitol, the blood glucose and serum insulin responses are signifi cantly lower than for glucose or sugar. However, if in any doubt please consult your doctor

Q I have heard that Xylitol actually helps to prevent tooth decay. Is that right?

A In more than 30 years of study, dental researchers have pointed to Xylitol as a key ingredient in helping to protect against tooth decay. In fact it is extensively used in many oral hygiene products. Dental health professionals in Europe have been using Xylitol since the 1970’s. In particular the Finnish government is thought to have saved millions of dollars by using Xylitol in its health programs.

Q Can my family use it every day?

A Yes. One spoonful of Nirvana Xylitol™ is approximately the same sweetness to one spoonful of sugar. It is easy to use in the home – in your favourite recipes, on cereal, in hot & cold beverages … anywhere that you would normally use sugar. The big plus with Nirvana Xylitol™ is that you are helping your family to stay healthy - 40% less calories and helping to prevent tooth decay.

It’s the treat that you deserve while helping protect your teeth against decay.

Nirvana Xylitol Use Nirvana Xylitol in your tea, coffee, cocoa, cool beverages and also as a substitute for sugar in your favourite recipes. 1 spoonful of Xylitol equals the sweetness of 1 spoonful sugar.


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