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Melrose Vitamin C plus Ascorbic Acid 125g

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Melrose Health

Melrose Vitamin C plus Ascorbic Acid 125g

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Vitamin C is involved in hundreds of biological process, the most important being the manufacture of collagen, the major protein in the body. Collagen is found in tissue, cartilage and tendons, and it helps support blood vessels.

It is usually used for the prevention and treatment of vitamin C deficiencies. Vitamin C improves the effectiveness of Vitamin E and the absorption of Iron. It is and antioxidant and free radical scavenger.

Vitamin C is water soluble and only small amounts are stored in the body after it is absorbed.

Frequently Asked Questions
Are you getting enough?
Vitamin C is one of fifty essential nutrients which must be obtained from food or supplements.

Generally we need more than food can supply. Cigarette smoking, stress, alcohol, contraception pill, diabetes and ill health all increase your need for Vitamin C. In fact we would need 60 oranges to supply a teaspoon of Vitamin C.

Melrose Vitamin C crystalline Powders are never out of season, you don't peel or squeeze them, and they are always low in price. The pure crystalline powders dissolve rapidly in water or juice.

How often should I take Vitamin C?
Vitamin C is water soluble and only small amounts are stored at a time, therefore it is important to supplement everyday as we need more than food can supply.

Which Vitamin C powder is right for me?
Crystalline 100% Ascorbic Acid Powder is suitable for anyone wanting a simple for of vitamin C.

Non Acidic Calcium Ascorbate Crystalline Powder means you can take it without acid upset. Also highly recommended as a source of Calcium.

Non Acidic Sodium Ascorbate Crystalline Powder is kind to your stomach and is more soluble than other forms of vitamin C. May not be suitable if you are on a low sodium diet.

Vitamin C plus Bioflavonoids and Orange is a well balanced blend of three forms of Vitamin C: Calcium Ascorbate, Sodium Ascorbate and Ascorbic Acid. Enhanced with bioflavonoids Hesperidin and Rutin.

Benefits of Vitamin C
■Assists in the management of colds and flu by reducing the severity and duration of symptoms
■May assist in reducing the symptoms of hay fever, allergies and mild upper respiratory tract infections
■May assist in the management of wound healing, reducing muscular cramps, promoting healthy bones, teeth, skin and hair
■Acts as an antioxidant.
■Adults 1000mg-3000mg daily.
■Children half the dose.

Melrose Vitamin C Crystalline Powders are guaranteed to be of highest quality and each 1 level 2.5g metric teaspoon provides 2000mg.

Sodium Ascorbate (Blue Pack)
1 gram is equivalent to 880mg Vitamin C with 120mg Sodium

Quality Control
Melrose Commitment to You
We believe in the healing force of nature. Our commitment to you is to provide Vitamin C powders of exceptional quality at the best possible price. Our powders are thoroughly tested for potency and purity to world analytical standards. Packaging is done in approved licensed premises according to good manufacturing practice (GMP).

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