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Kids Cough Lozenge Pops Pack of 10
Kids Cough Lozenge Pops Pack of 10 - 1

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Kids Cough Lozenge Pops Pack of 10

RRP: $21.20
Our price:$16.95

An All Natural, orange or apple flavoured lozenge which provides temporary relief from the symptoms of:
Sore throats, Wheezing, Congestion, Hoarseness.

A variety of coughs ranging from dry and barking to deep and hoarse

The ingredients are traditionally used to relieve the following symptoms:

•Spongia 30C Relieves dry, barking croupy coughs.
•Kali Carbonica 30C Reduces the discomfort in the chest from wheezing and coughing.
•Phosphorus 30C Relief where there is a hard, dry & cracking cough and the body trembles.
•Ipecacuanha 30C Nature’s answer to the nausea associated with excessive mucous production.
•Belladonna 30C Promotes a good night’s rest where there is a dry, tickling and short cough which is worse at night.


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