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Hotteeze Heat Pads for Feet 10s

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Hotteeze Heat Pads for Feet 10s

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Hotteeze for Feet
Hotteeze for feet are designed to fit into men's and womens shoes to keep your toes nice and warm. You can wear your favourite fashionable shoes and look hot and glamourous with no risk of frostbite on your feet! Great comfort for cold feet.

Use Hoteze for Feet indoors sitting at your desk, going out on the town, or on airplanes. Use them outside when watching the footy, fishing, or at the races.

Place Hotteeze for feet in the toe of your shoe. Hotteeze for feet are desinged not to slip when inside shoes and are also anti-bacterial and deodorising. ALWAYS wear socks or stockings when using Hotteeze for Feet.

Lasts 5 hours
Shapes to feet
Thin and comfortable
So cosy

Hotteeze for Feet
Place Hotteeze for Feet in the toe of your shoe with the plastic side facing away from your skin. Put your shoes on immediately after putting Hotteeze for Feet in your shoes. Please do not wear tight shoes as Hotteeze for Feet needs oxygen to work properly. If the temperature is too low, take your shoes off to expose the Hotteeze to more oxygen.

1. DO NOT PUT HOTTEEZE DIRECTLY ONTO YOUR SKIN. See the Questions page for reasons why not. Hotteeze are only to be worn over your clothes. For best results, we recommend using Hotteeze with tight cotton underclothing. Hotteeze for Feet are only to be worn inside your closed shoes with socks.
2. Do not use Hotteeze for Feet in slippers, sandals, long boots or over-sized shoes as the temperature can rise suddenly and the pad will expand. Be careful when wearing thin socks or stockings. Do not wear shoes that are difficult to remove.
3. Remove Hotteeze straight away if they become too hot.
4. Light burns can occur when heated objects hotter than your body temperature are used for an extended period of time. People with sensitive skin, diabetes or poor blood circulation should take extra care using Hotteeze to avoid light burns.
5. Do not use Hotteeze in bed, near a heater, or whilst exercising.
6. Do not use Hotteeze on babies, or on people who are incapable of removing them themselves.
7. Discontinue use immediately if your skin gets red, itchy or painful.
8. Remove Hotteeze when they have finished working.
9. Place in unburnable rubbish after use.
10. Do not shake or rub Hotteeze.
11. Do not put Hotteeze in your mouth. If swallowed, rinse mouth with water and seek medical advice.
12. In case Hotteeze comes into contact with your eyes, do not scratch. Wash with water for 15 minutes and seek medical advice.
13. Keep Hotteeze in a cool place, avoiding sunlight.
14. Keep Hotteeze out of reach of children.
Iron, water, pearl rock, vermiculite, activated carbon salt. Disposable
Highest temperature: 63°C
Average temperature: 53°C
Duration: 12 hours above 40°C
Highest temperature: 41°C
Average temperature: 38°C
Hotteeze for Feet remain warm for 5 hours, but this time will shorten if you take your shoes off.
The highest shown temperature and duration are based on Japanese Factory Standards. There may be some differences between individuals.

Q. How does a Hotteeze work?
A. Each Hotteeze heat pad contains iron powder, water, vermiculite, carbon and salt. When you open a Hotteeze, the iron oxidizes with the air, creating heat. If you accidentally open it up, quickly seal it in a plastic bag to stop the oxidization process.

Q. Why can't I wear it directly on my skin?
A. You might burn yourself. Hotteeze will feel cozy at first, but after a while it will heat right up without you noticing and might feel too hot. You will probably start to sweat too, in which case the pad will slip off and you won't get your 12 hours of guaranteed heat.

Q. Why shouldn't I wear it to bed?
A. If you fall asleep wearing a Hotteeze, you cannot properly monitor your comfort level. The heat might sneak up on you and cause a burn.

Q. Are they bad for the environment?
A. Hotteeze contain natural ingredients which are biodegradable, so when they're done, you can throw them away guilt-free. Because they contain salt, we don't suggest you put them in the compost or empty them into a pot plant - just throw them away in the rubbish bin.

Q. Where do they come from?
A. Hotteeze were invented by the Japanese and are manufactured in Japan. Your Japanese friends will know them as KAIRO. They are very popular and are recommended for various remedies. For example, if you catch a cold, a Japanese person will recommend that you stick a Hotteeze over your abdomen to help you recover more quickly.

Q. What if I'm pregnant?
A. Whatever you do, do not put a Hotteeze near your abdomen, and check with your doctor before using it on any other part of your body.

Q. What if Hotteeze gets wet?
A. If you get a Hotteeze wet, you can kiss it goodbye! The water will stop the oxidization process.

Q. What if my pet eats it?
A. If swallowed, rinse the mouth with water and seek medical advice.

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