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Deonat Crystal Sports Stick Deodorant 50g

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Deonat Crystal Sports Stick Deodorant 50g

RRP: $5.60
Our price:$5.00


Made of 100% mineral salts.

Contains no aluminium chlorohydrate, fragrance, preservatives, or alcohol.

Helps to kill and retard odour-producing bacteria

Effective anti-bacterial protection

Will not stain your clothing, and is non-allergenic

Recommended for the most sensitive skin

DEONAT Crystal Deodorant Sport Stick is a safe & effective deodorant. It reduces perspiration, leaves the skin dry & comfortable.

It prevents the bacteria that causes body odour.

It provides protection all day long and it does not leave any filmy residue.

It also won't block pores.


NOTE: You may experience an aluminium detox for a couple of weeks if you have previously been using deodorants containing aluminium compounds. Be assured, your body/scent will adjust and improve as these artificial chemicals leave your body. You may need to reapply a couple of times a day until your body adjusts.

Directions: Simply moisten the crystal stick with water and apply to skin, after showering.

Care instructions: Store below 30°C.


Ingredients: Ammonium alum and water. That's all!

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