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A Lemon a Day Keeps the Doctor Away!

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A Lemon a Day Keeps the Doctor Away!

By Peggy Hall

Did you know that lemons are a great source of Vitamin C? You can actually boost your immune system, create more energy and burn more fat -- just from drinking a cup of "hot lemony" every single morning! (Recipe follows)
Here's why:
• Lemon juice cleanses the digestive tract and jumpstarts elimination
• Lemon juice balances HCL levels (hydrocholric acid) for better nutrient absorption -- this means you get more energy from the food you eat!
• Lemon juice provides a boost of Vitamin C (which carries off
toxins and waste) and strengthens the immune system.

I personally prefer to drink my hot lemony first thing in the morning, followed by a special breathing exercise that tones the abdomen. (Read all about it in my “Yoga Tummy Tuck” article!)
But for now, please begin to incorporate this into your daily life. You will be amazed at how much more resistant you will be to colds, flu and just plain feeling run-down!

Recipe for Morning “Hot Lemony”

* Juice of 1/2 organic lemon (you can use lime if you prefer!)
* Hot water, not boiling – the temperature you’d use for a cup of tea
* One teaspoon of organic, raw honey (this provides additional enzymes and vitamins that also help to keep your immune system strong

Drink your hot lemony every before your first cup of coffee or tea. You can also enjoy additional hot lemonies throughout the day! If you feel any tooth sensitivity, use cooler water and sip it through a straw instead.
Be sure to use fresh, organic lemons whenever possible. Bottled lemon juice is just not as potent as fresh-squeezed.

Worried about the acid in the lemon? No need. You see, even though the lemon is tart and acidic when you taste it, lemon actually has an alkalizing effect on the body as it’s digested. In other words, your hot lemony should not give you an upset stomach, but quite the opposite – the hot lemony will actually improve your digestion and negate the need for antiacids!

But don’t just take my word for it – give it a try for one week and see for yourself! You might find (like many of my clients have) that you actually look forward to the hot lemony every morning and feel stronger and healthier – all with a brighter, sunnier outlook!
Thousands of people the world over are living healthier, happier lives thanks to mind/body wellness expert Peggy Hall, a certified yoga instructor, personal trainer, holistic nutritionist, author, radio personality and TV host. Learn about her safe, effective detox/cleansing programs and sign up for your free weekly wellness tips at http://www.PeggyHall.com.  An avid surfer, Peggy is also the creator of the best-selling DVD series, Yoga for Surfers.


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