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Caruso's Natural Health Hawaiian Astaxanthin 30 Tablets

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Caruso's Natural Health

Caruso's Natural Health Hawaiian Astaxanthin 30 Tablets

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Super antioxidant formula with the "King of Carotenoids"

Scientific research has confirmed Astaxanthin’s unique free radical fighting qualities. It is nature’s most powerful antioxidant. Your body can’t make Astaxanthin. However, almost every one of your cells may benefit from its superior capabilities. This is why taking Caruso’s Hawaiian Astaxanthin makes so much sense. It contains 6 milligrams of naturally sourced Hawaiian Astaxanthin and offers a range of protective health benefits covering your heart, cardiovascular system, skin, eyes, and sports recovery.

Why use Caruso’s Hawaiian Astaxanthin?
Caruso’s Hawaiian Astaxanthin is one of nature's most powerful antioxidants. It protects our bodies against oxidative stress and helps minimise the potential damage of free radicals in the body. The structure of Astaxanthin is both water and fat soluble which allows it to fit precisely into the span of the cell membrane, making it more effective than other antioxidants. Oxidative stress occurs when there is an imbalance between the production of free radicals and the ability of the body to purify their damaging effects.

Caruso’s Hawaiian Astaxanthin has been formulated for:
• Heart and cardiovascular health
• Eye health
• Skin health including ageing skin
• Boosting sports performance

Who would use Caruso’s Hawaiian Astaxanthin?
• Those who wish to maintain a healthy cardiovascular system
• Those wanting to support visual function
• Those wanting to improve the appearance of their skin
• The ageing population
• People who use visual displays/or electronic devices

How does Astaxanthin work?
Astaxanthin has a different structure to other antioxidants and works differently in your body. Astaxanthin, like that found in Caruso’s Hawaiian Astaxanthin, is designed to protect all parts of the cell. Its structure is similar to all other human cell membranes, which allows the Astaxanthin molecule to link precisely into the shape of the cell wall making it a perfect antioxidant to protect against cellular damage. It offers protection from free radicals on both the inside and outside of the cell. Most other well-known antioxidants do not have this ability.

Combats multiple free radicals all at once
Astaxanthin is so powerful it can neutralize multiple types of free radicals all at once. Caruso’s Hawaiian Astaxanthin is naturally sourced from Red Marine Algae grown in Hawaii.


Active Ingredients

Naturally sourced from Hawaiian red marine algae, Caruso’s Hawaiian Astaxanthin may help reduce oxidative stress and damage to your cells. Your body can’t make Astaxanthin. However, almost every one of your cells could benefit from it. Astaxanthin may help protect and support your cardiovascular system which includes your heart and blood vessels. It may also help maintain healthy cholesterol levels in healthy people. Astaxanthin may help maintain your brain health by improving the antioxidant status of the blood cells flowing to you brain. Astaxanthin may help support eye health and vision. It may assist with visual fatigue and eye strain. This could be useful if you sit in front of a computer all day. It may also help support the health of your macula by improving blood flow to your eyes. Astaxanthin may help maintain and support your immune system by providing protection to your immune cells. Astaxanthin’s antioxidant properties also help reduce oxidative damage to skin cells, therefore helping the appearance of skin.
Q: How long can I stay on Caruso’s Hawaiian Astaxanthin?
Caruso’s Hawaiian Astaxanthin can be taken for as long as needed, provided your Healthcare Professional has been advised regarding pharmaceutical medications. If symptoms persist please consult your Healthcare Professional. 

Q: Can I take Caruso’s Hawaiian Astaxanthin if I am pregnant or breastfeeding?
No, we do not recommend the use of Caruso’s Hawaiian Astaxanthin during pregnancy and breastfeeding. 

Q: Can children take Caruso’s Hawaiian Astaxanthin?
Caruso’s Hawaiian Astaxanthin is not suitable for use by children under the age of 16 years. For further advice please consult your Healthcare Professional. 

Each Capsule contains:
Astaxanthin esters from Haematococcus pluvialis (Red Marine Algae) 60mg
Equiv. to Astaxanthin 6mg

For general health and wellbeing: Adults take 1 capsule a day with a main meal or as advised by your Healthcare Professional.

For Intense Cholesterol and Eye health Support: Dose may be increased to 2 capsules a day or as advised by your Healthcare Professional.

Children over the age of 16 take 1 capsule once a day with main meals or as advised by your Healthcare Professional.

Sugar, lactose, wheat, gluten, salt, corn starch, yeast and preservatives.

Always read the label. Use only as directed. If symptoms persist see your Healthcare Professional. Contains Soya Oil

Astaxanthin should be used with caution with people with low blood pressure or those who are taking blood pressure medications.

Take at least 2 hours away from pharmaceutical medication.

Not to be taken during pregnancy or breastfeeding.

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